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Beautiful People: The Complete Series [DVD]
Beautiful People: The Complete Series [DVD]

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An academically gifted teen, her model-beautiful older sister and their newly single mother leave small town New Mexico in search of a new life in New York City. After their father runs off with his teenage mistress, SOPHIE and KAREN KERR decide their family needs a fresh start. They convince their mother, LYNN, that the big city holds promise for all of them. Sophie has gotten a scholarship to a prestigious Manhattan private school, Karen can pursue her dreams of modeling, and Lynn can leave the painful memories of her failed marriage behind her, while reviving the ambitions of becoming a fashion designer she put on hold to raise a family. The Kerr women arrive in New York ready to build a new life, as they try their hand at making it in this rarified place that promises as many challenges as it does possibilities. Manhattan. Global big shots, CEOs, diplomats, and the self-important social elite all make their homes there, and they send their precious children to the Brighton school. When Sophie enters this world she realizes she has no idea how to fit in with the privileged, posturing social climbers at her new school, the so-called "BPs," aka "Beautiful People." It's nothing like her old life, where she was able to rise to the top of the academic heap without effort. Not so at Brighton, where everyone is above average and her fellow students think nothing of a lunchtime shopping trip to Prada or of using their parents' helicopter for their morning commute. Sophie's adorable charm and refreshing lack of pretension attract two very different boys to her; GIDEON, a sensitive artist and an outsider in spite of his wealth, and NICHOLAS, the sexy, self-assured leader of the "BPs". Because of her stunning beauty, things always came easily for Sophie's older sister, Karen. But in the big city, she quickly encounters the harsh realities of the cut-throat modeling business and quickly discovers that in New York, the competition is always a little bit taller or a little bit thinner. It will force Karen to take risks in order to succeed and decide just how much of a sacrifice she's willing to make. After a series of frustrating jobs, Lynn manages to land a position in the fashion industry, working for a hot designer. Making the situation more complicated is that the job puts her in daily contact with her old college flame, married millionaire JULIAN FISKE, the one great love of her life. Julian still has feelings for Lynn, and she wrestles with her own emotions, and morals, as their relationship threatens to turn romantic. Helicopter rides, high-rises, and hedonistic parties - the Kerrs are definitely not in New Mexico anymore. No matter what challenges the City throws their way, or what temptations may lead them astray, these three women are a family, and will always be there for each other. For all three Kerr women New York will be an incredible adventure, and challenge working to stay together as a family while pursuing life and love in the greatest city on earth, as they realize what the true meaning of what beautiful people really is.
  • Includes 16 episodes on 4 discs
  • Format: DVD